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September 20, 2006

Digital phones and call recording

As the Field Systems training team is wraping up our IP phone Unified Message (voice mail integrated with Outlook e-mail) project, questions are being asked regarding a feature of the software - Recording a conversation. The federal Privacy Commissioner has a great fact sheet on best practices for recording customer telephone calls. The meat and potatoes is this:

In order to comply with the PIPED Act, organizations should take the following steps when recording conversations:

  1. The individual should be informed that the conversation is being recorded at the beginning of the call. This can be done by an automated recording or by the customer service representative.
  2. The individual should be informed of the purpose. The organization must be clear about the purposes; an organization should not state that it is recording the conversation for quality assurance purposes if, in fact, the recording might be used for other purposes. This could be done in a variety of ways - verbally, by pressing a number on the keypad (in the case of automated messages) or with clear messages on monthly statements. (For example: If you have any questions about your bill please call 1-800-XXX-XXXX. Please note your call will be recorded for...) If the individual proceeds knowing the conversation is being recorded and the purpose of the recording, consent is implied.
  3. The organization should offer alternatives if the caller objects. The alternatives might involve not taping the call; visiting a retail outlet; writing a letter; or, conducting the transaction over the Internet.

September 06, 2006


Finding cases is difficult enough without having to decode citation abbreviations.

The Cardiff Index to Legal Abbreviations is an excellent resource that allows you to search by the title of a publication or part or all of an abbreviation. It is available at and includes legal materials from nearly everywhere, Canada, the United States, Luxembourg and Pakistan included. If you only remember one website for abbreviations, this would be your best choice.