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April 05, 2012

CanLII and Statute Noteups

CanLII has a new feature for searching for judicial consideration of Statutes.  As Simon Fodden wrote at, this is related to the tables of contents of acts presented on CanLII. the case of legislation for which CanLII provides a table of contents, when you consider a specific section or subsection, you'll see a link to a popup that will offer you a link to cases citing that specific provision.
Luckily, tables of contents are available for all Alberta acts, so when you are reading an act from Alberta, you will now see a the section number has a hyperlink. Clicking those links will give you a popup box with a reference to both the number of decisions citing the section in the CanLII database and how to cite the section.
The popup for the Builder's Lein Act, s.3 shows this:
s 3Citing cases (1)

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