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January 02, 2013

New look for Justice Canada Laws site

News that you may have missed with the holiday rush: The Justice Canada Laws site got a new look on December 20th.
The website has been upgraded to conform with the new Standard on Web Usability. This standard mandates a basic structure for Government of Canada Web page layout and design, which makes it easier to find and utilize information and services on Government of Canada Web sites and results in an appropriate degree of consistency across Web sites.

This site remains my go to source for retrieving federal legislation. Why Justice Canada rather than going to CanLII, which I am also a huge fan of? I have a few reasons:
  1. For legislation, I prefer to use the source of the information that CanLII retrieves UNLESS I am comparing legislation to a previous version - CanLII wins every time for that task
  2. I like seeing the shading for not yet in force provisions and the list of amendments not in force
  3. I like seeing the related provisions
  4. I need access to the annual statutes
  5. I need access to the Table of Public Statues
I am truly grateful to have both CanLII and the Justice Canada Laws sites available for researching federal legislation.