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November 27, 2013

Statutes Amendment Act, 2013 (No. 2) Alberta

Bill 38: Statutes Amendment Act, 2013 (No.2) has passed 3rd reading in the Alberta Legislature. Statutes Amendment Acts, which used to be called Miscellaneous Statutes Amendment Acts, modify a number of Acts and are usually created to take care of housekeeping details.  Often overlooked, these Acts - like every piece of legislation - change or clarify the law. Read the "pay attention" message that would be my tone if we were talking face to face.

Which Acts are amended by Bill 38?
  • Alberta Personal Property Bill of Rights
  • Civil Enforcement Act
  • Court of Appeal Act
  • Court of Queen's Bench Act
  • Dower Act
  • Family Law Act
  • Fatal Accidents Act
  • Judicature Act
  • Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Act
  • Police Act
  • Provincial Court Act
  • Recording of Evidence Act
  • Special Areas Act
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