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July 25, 2006

WeC beef's up content with new product

Carswell has added a new set of data to WeC. The Litigator product - we are currently exploring flat rate options - is a tab that can be added to WeC whic has some interesting primary and secondary content, including:
  • quantum digest databases on interesting topics including defamation, wrongful dismissal, personal injury (yes - Goldsmith's at your desktop), and more quantum topics...
  • pleadings, motions, and argument documents for cases in the 2003 or newer CCELs, CCLIs, CCLTs, and CPCs.
  • Expert witness directory, including linked cases evidence was given in and CVs
  • Fradshams Annotated Alberta Rules of Court full text with links in the footnotes.
Call me if you want to see or use this on the Library INFO line (4636)


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