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March 06, 2009

Glad to be in the Canadian legal services industry

Friday's are for number crunching. A fast browse through the Layoff Tracker at Law Shucks paints a pretty dismal picture for those in the US (and some UK) legal services industry. These are the reported numbers - there are probably more layoffs that are not quite so public.

staff lawyers month totals
31-Jan-09 846 694 1540
28-Feb-09 1604 1084 2688
6-Mar-09 809 371 1180
YTD 3259 2149

My heartfelt best wishes go out to all those in the breadline.


At March 09, 2009 2:14 p.m. , Blogger Shaunna said...

And 731 more people today -

At March 12, 2009 3:14 a.m. , Anonymous Legal process outsourcing(LPO) said...

Good analysis.

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