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January 31, 2007

Statute consideration searches with New Quicklaw

Searches for judicial consideration of legislation are often puzzling to construct, especially when you are looking for consideration of a subsection or sub-subsection. New Quicklaw makes this easier.

The broadest case law search for judicial consideration of 74.1(1)(c) of the Competition Act can be entered as in the search below using the General search tab on New Quicklaw:

Note that you must have the quotation marks around the section reference for QL to recognize the round brackets as a text string.

The search strategy is
Name of Act /15 "numbers for the section and subsection with no spaces"
competition act /15 "74.1(1)(c)"

This brings up one very on point case (at Jan 31, 2007) which is actually an administrative decision from the Canada Competition Tribunal. Note in the image above, rather than choosing a specific source, I have checked the box beside Cases to search within the judicial and administrative decisions in QL's data.

Searching through the broad "Cases" selection and the easy to format judicial consideration search are both nice new features of New Quicklaw.

Cheers, Shaunna