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October 15, 2007

Thoughts on Groups and a Wiki tip

I have been thinking a lot lately about groups. Groups in general and practice groups specifically. All of the practice groups at my firm have slightly different library and research needs. My goal as a law firm librarian is to help all the groups in my firm work efficiently and cooperatively with the knowledge they need and have.

To help meet my lofty goal, I am heading off to central Canada to the NE2007 - Libraries Without Borders conference on Wednesday. The conference has an excellent program and I look forward the learning and networking opportunities. An interesting thing about this conference is that there is both a Wiki and a Blog that work at communicating information about this conference to 'the group' in addition to the conference website. The Blog offers news about the upcoming event from the conference committee to its readers. The Wiki offers the ability for attendees, and others, to collaboratively communicate.

This is one of the first wiki that I have contributed to, along with the QL Tips Wiki. The ease of use of the pbwiki tool is putting many ideas for group communication in my head! I hope to figure out how to put wiki to work for the best interests of my firm groups.

A great post on the Libraries Without Borders Wiki shows how to make a new linked wiki page. I am counting this in the 'cool things I didn't know until now' category. I also didn't know that the plural of wiki is wiki (until I looked it up)!