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January 02, 2008

2008 Already?

Ah, January. The time of New Year's resolutions. So many new things happened in 2007, I don't really feel the need for a resolution, except to post more often of course.

What's new? Field LLP is renovating. Several phases of preparation for our transformation are complete. The stacks are now closed temporarily, with delivery on demand for our physical materials available to the library users.

Preparation for a change like this is the key to current and future happiness of library users, and staff, and to the construction crew (this I know from being married to a carpenter-thanks H.)

What did we do to prep?

  1. Determined what we could discard (based on our philosophy that ours is a working collection with the only archival responsibility being to our clients potential needs)

  2. Hired a recycling company to come and remove the weeds

  3. Moved a Case reporters to on site, non-accessible storage (piles in a storage room laid out in order so that they can be retrieved to fill the beginning of the shelf layout - no boxes; we are not retrieving physical cases from our reporter collection using WeC, LNQL, MLB, CanLII, and interlibrary-loan instead - two months in storage - no ILLs yet)

  4. Moved materials on shelves to be relocated onto their permanent new homes (except for stored materials, every book is only being moved one time)

Here for your enjoyment is our plan in it's multi-staged visual extravaganza