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October 29, 2008

Connections, social networking and library service

Stephen Abram gave a great talk to the U of A School of Library and Information Science on October 28. He is out and about in the west talking about SLA - the Special Libraries Association. Every time I see Stephen speak, I am re-energized about librarianship. SLA is doing some very cool things to enhance the role of librarians and all library workers in the steadily emerging information economy that is our current world.

Stephens talk included discussions on connecting with our clients and potential clients using social software. One tool I use, although not consistently enough, is LinkedIn. Doug Cornelius, who blogs at KM Space, has a post today about new features that have been added to this tool. You can see my public profile on LinkedIn to get an idea what this tool is all about.

Stephen reminded me that the Field Libraries serve people from all generations and technological literacy as well as personal preference for connecting to friends and colleagues. The librarians at Field will happily connect with you however you choose, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, our Library INFO phone line, email, SMS Messenger on my Blackberry, cell phone, work phone, and of course in person.

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October 23, 2008

Tough as a $3 steak?

God Bless Eugene Meehan for his wonderful Lang Michener Supreme Court of Canada LawLetter. The October 23 issue quotes a faboulous piece of writing, from a court decision no less. I reproduce the quote here for your reading pleasure:

Here's Chief Justice Roberts' opening paragraph in his U.S. Supreme Court judgment - very much a film noir/crime novel/Lord Denning opening:

"Officer Sean Devlin, Narcotics Strike Force, was working the morning shift. Undercover surveillance. The neighborhood? Tough as a three-dollar steak. Devlin knew. Five years on the beat, nine months with the Strike Force. He'd made fifteen, twenty drug busts in the neighborhood. "Devlin spotted him: a lone man on the corner. Another approached. Quick exchange of words. Cash handed over; small objects handed back. Each man then quickly on his own way. Devlin knew the guy wasn't buying bus tokens. He radioed a description and Officer Stein picked up the buyer. Sure enough: three bags of crack in the guy's pocket. Head downtown and book him. Just another day at the office."

This lovely prose is from is the opening paragraph of Chief Justice Roberts of the U.S. Supreme Court in a (dissenting) judgment in Pennsylvania v. Nathan Dunlap, that came down on October 14, 2008. Just in case you are thirsting for more.

October 06, 2008

Where are all the women in the Legal Blogosphere?

Hat tip to Joe Hodnicki for the link to this interesting article. As October 18 approaches, I challenge you to write or post or blog (used as a verb like that annoying guy on TV).

Cheers, Shaunna