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January 25, 2009

Legal Resource Centre podcast

Often there are scheduling conflicts that are bound to disappoint. Such was the case at noon on January 22nd. I posted about a session over at that conflicted with an Edmonton Law Libraries lunch on the reorganization of the Alberta Law Society and Alberta Courts Libraries into the new Alberta Law Libraries. Thankfully technology has come to my rescue via a comment from Kirsten Wurmann of the Legal Resource Centre at the U Alberta Faculty of Extension.

The Legal Resource Centre has just posted the podcasts of the presentations from yesterday’s session. It was very informative and we had a terrific turnout (over 100 people showed up.)

You can listen to the podcasts here: (
We will post the Q & A session as well but it needs a bit more work to clean it up - so we won’t get to it until next week.)

I appreciate technology letting me do two things at once :-)