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April 06, 2009

The purpose of the library

This lovely purpose statement articulates the why of a library:

The Purpose of the Library

The purpose of the Library is to preserve the integrity of civilization.

The Library has a moral obligation to adhere to its purpose despite social, economic, environmental, or political influences. The purpose of the Library will never change.

The Library is infinite in its capacity to contain, connect and disseminate knowledge; librarians are human and ephemeral, therefore we must work together to ensure the Library’s permanence.

Individual libraries serve the mission of their parent institution or governing body, but the purpose of the Library overrides that mission when the two come into conflict.

Why we do things will not change, but how we do them will.

A clear understanding of the Library’s purpose, its role, and the role of librarians is essential to the preservation of the Library.

From The Darien Statements on the Library and Librarians
Written and endorsed by John Blyberg, Kathryn Greenhill, and Cindi Trainor

How does this apply to our library? It is my job to ensure that continuity of policy is possible through documentation of the why of procedures, not just the how. It is also my job to ensure that the library remains woven deeply into the fabric of this firm so that its value is always transparent, its service is always exceptional, and its staff is always valuable and valued.


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