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November 05, 2010

Copyright Act Bill C-32 passed 2nd reading this morning

November 5, 8:43 a.m.. WDT
Bill C-32 passed 2nd reading in the House of Commons this morning.
How do I know about this?

Not through any 'traditional' information source. Or perhaps Twitter has become a traditional information source.

cippic cippic
RT @sarah_schmidt_: #copyright bill just passed 2nd reading in
#HoC: let the lobbying of MPs on #INDU cmttee begin #cdnpoli (h/t @kismith)

If you are reading this post some other time than the morning of November 5, you can look to the C-32 LEGISINFO page on the Parliamentary website for details of this bill's progress through the house.

What is the point of this post? If you need to know something about what is hapenning NOW look to the sources of immediate knowledge, like (who would have guessed it) Twitter.