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December 23, 2010

CLawBies 2010 Nominations

It's CLawBies Season - Canadian Law Blog Awards. Time to reflect on my go to resources for insight into Canadian Law. Jordan Furlong offers deep and thoughtful insight into Law as and industry, trends, and law practice management. Jordan's blog makes me think about where the industry is going. More importantly, at least to me, he makes me think about what I can do as a knowledge manager and law librarian to make sure my organization is prepared for the future.

I am surprisingly intrigued by, my new colleague Richard Stobbe's blog. Richard joined our firm in 2010 and I confess that I was unaware of his blog until this year. I say surprisingly intrigued, becasue until I started reading Richard's blog, I didn't have an engaged personal interest in Intellectual Property. I am nominating Richard for a CLawBie because I find that I don't skim his posts, I read them.

All About Information by Dan Michaluk is another of the "read rather than skim" blogs on my favourite go to list. Dan offers great case summaries and his engaging personality comes through in his posts which always makes me read to the end to see if there is a surfing reference or a note about his family.

I find CLawBie nominations really difficult. There are so many great reads in the Canadian legal blogging scene. Thank you to all of the lawyers, librarians and technologists who take the time to share their knowledge with Canadian law blogs, especially Simon Fodden at, Connie Crosby, and Steve Matthews.

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