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February 28, 2011

Good ideas to share

Sharing...the cornerstone of librarianship and knowledge management. There are some excellent sharers in the legal community! I have a couple of sharing sites to share that you should know about.

Slaw Tips
advice you can use — short and to the point — every Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday

Slaw Tips offers a technology tip each Tuesday, a research tip each Wednesday and a practice tip each Thursday.
I edit the Research Tips section of this blog and am very happy to accept suggestions. If one of your 2011 goals is to build a social media presence, a short tip submission on this site is a great place to start.

Attorney at Work
"Attorney at Work promises you one really good idea every day."

The Daily Dispatch from this site is available by email. Examples of good ideas include this post from February 28, 2011 on starting your Outlook in a for followup folder.

Both of these sites offer a regular dose of professional development. Think of it as a desktop vitamin. It is a quick way to learn new things, or be reminded of good practices that will make your work life a little healthier.

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