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March 31, 2011

CanLII subject query RSS feeds and other search improvements

Back in January I wrote a Tip at the (then) newly launched Slaw Tips blog titled Monitoring a case law subject with CanLII. There were a lot of great comments on the tip. I also heard that CanLII was working on a built in solution to subject Query RSS feeds.

I am extremely pleased to pass on the news that CanLII has made some improvements to their search tools this week and Subject Query RSS feeds is one of them.

Way to go CanLII. Hat tip to Steve Matthews and Susannah Tredwell for tweeting this.

Along with faster results rendering CanLII has also added the ability to more specifically target your hit results based on the query.

Thank you to CanLII for the innovations and for the fabulous example of what a well organized and reasonably funded free access to the law movement can do in 10 short years.

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