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December 18, 2014

Getting Feedback

Between blogging at, posting legal research tips at, and taking courses towards Lean Six Sigma certification, this poor blog has not had much attention in 2014.  Christmas is the traditional time for guilt trips. Rather than focusing on the negative feelings from leaving this site without nourishment, I decided to give a compliment to the Attorney At Work site.

An excellent Daily Dispatch post by Mary Lokensgard on December 18, 2014 titled How to Ask for Feedback is one example of why I think highly of Attorney at Work.  I also appreciate their focus on one really good idea every day.

I agree with Mary that feedback is a dialog.  It is an innovation tool.

To put feedback into a legal research perspective - wouldn't you like to KNOW if what you provided was too little, too much, or just right? Isn't it better for your requester to know when you had too little time, too much time, or the predicted amount of time to complete the task?

I see feedback as a key driver for expectation management.

Thanks Attorney at Work for the excellent intel in 2014.

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