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September 12, 2007

QL Tips Wiki

The summer of 2007 is one of the busiest in my memory. Not only the daily challenges of work in a busy law firm where two of our three office locations moved and a major renovation of my home office to plan for, but my family has undertaken a major project in the "off" hours. My vacation days - few and far between - have been totally devoted to family this year, the last two for insulating my new farm building, on my new farm. I am also preparing to sell my strawbale house. Exciting stuff let me assure you.

Exciting times on the legal research front as well! There is a new wiki (think Wikipedia) devoted to tips and tricks for the new LexisNexis Quicklaw interface. In the best wiki spirit, this tips wiki will allow anyone who has some great information about using new Quiklaw to share their expertise with the world. Check it out!


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