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February 21, 2012

Statutes Repeal Act, 2008

My colleague in law librarianship, Patrick Fawcett, Librarian with Taylor McCaffery LLP in Winnipeg, wrote an excellent article for the Canadian Law Library Review (v.
36, no. 2, p. 71) on the Statutes Repeal Act, 2008.

I also wrote about this act in a 2008 post. This old post links to a list of 57 statutes that should be repealed under this act as of a 2005 CALL/ACBD Conference presentation by Senator Tommy Banks. (One more reason to attend CALL Conferences - great sessions)

The February 18, 2011 Canada Gazette has the first list of repeals under the Statutes Repeal Act - 32 pieces of law that made their way through the House of Commons, the Senate, and were assented to by the Queen's representative for Canada, yet never brought into force, and have now been repealed as of December 31, 2011.



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