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November 27, 2013

Statutes Amendment Act, 2013 (No. 2) Alberta

Bill 38: Statutes Amendment Act, 2013 (No.2) has passed 3rd reading in the Alberta Legislature. Statutes Amendment Acts, which used to be called Miscellaneous Statutes Amendment Acts, modify a number of Acts and are usually created to take care of housekeeping details.  Often overlooked, these Acts - like every piece of legislation - change or clarify the law. Read the "pay attention" message that would be my tone if we were talking face to face.

Which Acts are amended by Bill 38?
  • Alberta Personal Property Bill of Rights
  • Civil Enforcement Act
  • Court of Appeal Act
  • Court of Queen's Bench Act
  • Dower Act
  • Family Law Act
  • Fatal Accidents Act
  • Judicature Act
  • Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Act
  • Police Act
  • Provincial Court Act
  • Recording of Evidence Act
  • Special Areas Act
The Field Library team monitors the status of legislation from any jurisdiction as requested.


November 14, 2013

Citation of Authorities to ABQB

The Alberta Court of Queen's Bench has officially adopted the Canadian Guide to Uniform Legal Citation 7th edition. See the Notice to the Profession from November 12, 2013.

I am happy to have clarification from the Court about citations, but kind of surprised by their choice to adopt this fairly controversial edition - especially considering the 8th edition will be released in the near future.


November 01, 2013

Shelagh Mikulak Memorial Scholarship in Library Sciences Fund

Often one individual has a huge impact on the careers of many.  This is true of Shelagh Mikulak.  Shelagh was a fantastic Alberta Law Librarian. A role model to many, her tragic passing this year from ALS created something positive: the actions of others to remember and honour her. Please consider this request that was circulated through the CALL-L list.

As many of you know, a little over three months ago we lost one of our own, Shelagh Mikulak. Shelagh was passionate about librarianship and believed in mentoring individuals wishing to pursue a career in the library field.  For this reason a memorial fund is being created through the Calgary Foundation – the Shelagh Mikulak Memorial Scholarship in Library Sciences Fund.
In order to make the Shelagh Mikulak Memorial Scholarship in Library Sciences Fund a reality, our first goal is to raise $100,000 in order to firmly establish the fund and work towards awarding grants ‘in perpetuity.’  This is where you can help!  Please consider donating to this fund. Any donations of $25.00 or more will receive a tax receipt.   
Many of us have specific charities we support each year.  I am hoping you will consider adding this to your list!  We always talk about the importance of encouraging individuals to join our field and this fund will not only help do this, but also raise the profile of our profession.  
Once enough funds have been raised, adjudication will occur annually for granting the award.  For further specifics, please see below under the heading “Information on the Shelagh Mikulak Memorial Scholarship in Library Sciences Fund”. 
Making a donation to the Shelagh Mikulak Memorial Scholarship in Library Sciences Fund:

Please follow these instructions to make your donation:

  1. Go to

  2. Click on the second radio button, (“Select from funds to support a current celebration, remembrance or fundraising activity”)

  3. Under “Select Fund”, use the pull down arrow and select “Shelagh Mikulak Memorial Scholarship in Library Sciences Fund”

  4. Once selected, please complete the information at the bottom of the page and submit it.

    Alternatively, donations can be made by cheque; please make the cheque payable to “The Calgary Foundation”, and clearly indicate on your cheque or correspondence “Shelagh Mikulak Memorial Scholarship in Library Sciences”.  The cheque can then be mailed to:

                The Calgary Foundation
                700, 999 – 8th Street SW
                Calgary, AB  T2R 1J5

    Information on the Shelagh Mikulak Memorial Scholarship in Library Sciences Fund:

    The Shelagh Mikulak Memorial Scholarship in Library Sciences Fund (“the fund”) will be awarded to an individual wishing to pursue a post-secondary education in the library field (i.e. either Library Technician programs or Masters of Library Science programs). The Calgary Foundation will circulate information regarding the fund to schools throughout Canada.

    While further criteria will be established once the fund is in place, applicants will be required to provide a written essay explaining their reasons for pursuing a career in the library field, and special consideration will be given to those individuals who are financially challenged.  It is anticipated adjudication will occur on an annual basis, and dependent on the performance of the fund, one or two grants may be awarded each year.  The amount to be awarded will also be dependent upon the funds available.

    Thank you

    Please accept my sincere thanks for your consideration in making the Shelagh Mikulak Memorial Scholarship in Library Sciences Fund a reality.  Should you have any questions regarding the fund, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Sincere thanks,